Euroequipe believes in quality, passion and excellence. It follows market demand and anticipates its needs, using only high quality materials, with an eye to ‘the environment and human health.

For more than thirty years, the main goal of our company has been to offer unique and innovative products on the market with all the quality typical of Made in Italy.

Our company’s values are focused on developing products that are easily recyclable and highly sustainable .We invest in human resources and are attentive to their needs. We establish business relationships based on win-to-win.

Who we are

Euroequipe is located in the center of Emilia Romagna’s technological triangle: an area that is small geographically but huge strategically. In fact, the most important Italian industrial realities are born here.

Founded in 1983, it first specialized in professional irrigation systems. This early experience laid the foundation for the creation in the early 1990s of Hidroself, a line of products specifically for do-it-yourself irrigation.

Market developments, innovation trends and an aptitude for meeting real needs led in 2003 to the birth of Sandokan, a line of products against tiger mosquitoes that has expanded year after year, becoming one of the most comprehensive pest control ranges on the market. Progress goes on and in 2015 Idroeasy was born with the first Made in Italy extendable garden hose. Subsequently, the superlight line was also born, which compared to traditional hoses weigh up to 3 times less.

The company is currently dislocated an area of about 10,000 square meters, with a covered area of 5,000
square meters.

Intellectual property

-10 patents related to extensible and ultralight tubes

– 4 patents related to the mosquito/electrical world

-4 utility patents


-12 registered aesthetic models

– 12 PMCs with 16 applications and related formulations registered with the Ministry of Health

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Kg of Co2 saved on shipping compared to traditional pipes

Positive products

1 %

Saved Co2 emissions on shipping compared with traditional pipes

1 %

Recyclability of products

1 %

Products Made in Italy 



Progress moves forward, and in 2015 Idroeasy, the first Made in Italy extendable garden hose, was born. The starting concept was to create a Made in Italy alternative, a quality product at a competitive price, traditional hoses are known to be a "humble" commodity so no one has invested in improving raw materials and technology, so we decided to combine high technology and high quality raw materials, new patented machinery, direct control over production and safe starting material i.e. 100% virgin plastic polymers. Our pipes are totally Made in Italy in our factory in valsamoggia (BO-Italy). The consumer is always looking for new and innovative items that can improve everyday life. Idroeasy believes that change is an opportunity: that is why we are constantly updating and relaunching our product range by proposing improvements in technology and design. Click here to find more about Idroeasy.


We are an insecticide company located in Bologna continuous research and innovation led in 2003 to the birth of Sandokan, a line of insecticides against tiger mosquitoes, mainly based on natural essences particularly in demand in the market. The success of our lines derives from the use of the best technologies available for the production of insecticides in the Bologna interland. In addition, thanks to an excellent versatility of products and the ability to minimize the technical problems coming from the processing of raw materials, Sandokan has sharply improved its production becoming a real point of reference for the economy of the city of Bologna. Click here to find more about Sandokan.


Hidroself specializes in irrigation and garden care. It represents technology, innovation. The experience we possess is more than 30 years in making professional irrigation systems for terraces, gardens, golf courses. Euroequipe is the company that manages the numerous patents and brands, including Hidroself, Idroeasy, Densystem, Sandokan, in all aspects, including production. Under the Hidroself brand, products whose characteristics have a strong common denominator are manufactured and marketed in Italy and abroad: to meet the needs of those who have the hobby of "do-it-yourself" or who carry out specific professional activities. Cutting-edge solutions for irrigating, and protecting greenery. Click here to find more about Hidroself.

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